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The library will remain closed for on-site use.

Lending and return are possible!

Please note the following procedure:

in order to have as little encounter traffic as possible, everyone must (only from Monday to Thursday)  book an appointment here

in case of loans the library needs additional information - at the latest 1 hour before the appointment, if possible already the day before - via email (ethno-bibliothek@uni-koeln.de):

  1. the USB user number
  2. Title, author and signature of the book(s)

At the booked date, the books already compiled and booked to your USB account can be collected and / or already borrowed media can be returned.

It is still not possible to use the library on site.
Remember to wear a mask in all buildings of the university!

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New Books

AF/S NAM 140
Nghitevelekwa, Romie Vonkie: Securing land rights : communal land reform in Namibia. UNAM PRESS, 2020.

Z 50b, 57
Cremer, Teresa: "It's a privilege to call it a crisis": improvised practices an socio-economic dynamics of Cape Town’s water Shrotage (2015-2018). Institut für Ethnologie, 2020.
(KEB ; 57)

Z 50b, 58
Zickel, Mirijam: Spatial patterns of Moroccan transhumance: geoarchaeological field work & spatial analysis of herder sites in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Institut für Ethnologie, 2020. (KEB ; 58)

EU/S 96
Faust, Lene: Neofaschismus in Italien : Politik, Familie und Religion in Rom. Eine Ethnographie. Transcript, 2021.

MUS 73
Kokott, Jeanette & Fumi Takayanagi (Hrsg.): Erste Dinge : Rückblick für Ausblick = First things : looking back to look forward. Museum am Rothenbaum, Hamburg, 2018.

KAT 423
Kihleng, Emelihter / Jeanette Kokott (Hrsg.): Im Schatten von Venus: Lisa Reihana & Kunst aus dem Pazifik. Museum am Rothenbaum, Hamburg, 2020.

Pardo, Italo, Prato, Giuliana B. (Eds.): Urban Inequalities. Ethnographically Informed Reflections. Palgrave, 2021.

Raquel Sosa Elizaga (ed.): Facing An Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology. Sage, 2018.

E/BIOL 322
Sodikoff, Genese Marie, Peter Whiteley and Jill Constantino (eds.): The Anthropology of Extinction : Essays on Culture and Species Death. Indiana University Press, 2012.

METH 826
Boyer, Dominic and George E. Marcus (eds.): Collaborative Anthropology Today : A Collection of Exceptions. Cornell University Press, 2020.

KP 57
Jean-Louis Georget, Hélène Ivanoff et Richard Kuba (dir.): Construire l'ethnologie en Afrique coloniale : politiques, collections et médiations africaines. Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2020.

GES/M 188
Ramella, Anna Lisa: Mit Bands auf Tour: Eine Medienethnographie des Unterwegsseins. Transcript, 2021.

Takougang, Joseph: Cameroonian Immigrants in the United States: Between the Homeland and the Diaspora. Lexington Books, 2014.