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Ethnographic fieldwork is the method defining anthropological work, besides comparative cultural and historical-reconstruction techniques.

In Cologne, we have always been focusing on a solid and manifold methodological training in theory and in practice. The training of ethnographic fieldwork is vital for our B.A. and M.A. programmes with diverse types of courses such as practical exercises and workshops as well as fieldwork practice at home and abroad.

Methods Overview in the B.A. Degree Programme

The B.A. programme gives you basic methodological competence. 

Core elements of the programme are:

  • Ethnographic fieldwork in the context of the history of the discipline
  • Scientific handling of 'ethnographies'
  • Overview of the diverse fieldwork methods
  • Realization of fieldwork practice in the Cologne area

Method Training in the M.A. Degree Programme

The M.A. programme is research oriented and offers the opportunity to deepen your methodological expertise. .

The particular challenges and methodological implementations of anthropological research in the 21st century are addressed in detail.

This includes in advanced modul (2):

  • Discussion and analysis of the object of anthropological research using examples of classic/recent ethnographies and key methodological texts in the practical exercise (1) "Constructing a Field" offered in the winter semester .
  • Learning different anthropological text forms in the practical exercise (1) "Academic Writing" offered in the summer semester. In this practical exercise, text forms are analysed and practised, such as monographs, journal articles, research proposals, scientific posters, book reviews, essays, exhibition catalogues, and blog posts.
  • Deepening of specific research methods in the practical exercise (2) "Ethnographic Methods" .
  • These practical exercises prepare the empirical Master's thesis methodically and in terms of content. The ideas developed here for one’s own research project are presented, discussed and further developed in a research colloquium.

Furthermore in supplementary module (1),

  •  anthropological field work is practised in various research classes over two semesters, from the first planning steps to the final evaluation of the data and the written recording of the results.