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The library will remain closed for on-site use.

Lending and return are possible!

Please note the following procedure:

in order to have as little encounter traffic as possible, everyone must (only from Monday to Thursday)  book an appointment here

in case of loans the library needs additional information - at the latest 1 hour before the appointment, if possible already the day before - via email (ethno-bibliothek@uni-koeln.de):

  1. the USB user number
  2. Title, author and signature of the book(s)

At the booked date, the books already compiled and booked to your USB account can be collected and / or already borrowed media can be returned.

It is still not possible to use the library on site.
Remember to wear a mask in all buildings of the university!

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New Books

ETHN 632
Hage, Ghassan (Ed.): Decay. Duke University Press, 2021.

ETHN 631
Derks, Annuska et al (Hrsg.): Gewundene Wege einer undisziplinierten Disziplin : 50 Jahre Ethnologie in Zürich. ISEK-Ethnologie, Universität Zürich, 2021.

KAT 431
Sutter, Rebekka et al (Hrsg.): Lorenz Löffler verbunden : Annäherungen an das Werk des Zürcher Ethnologen. Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich, 2021.

MUS 75
Hahn, Hans Peter, Oliver Lueb, Katja Müller, Karoline Noack (Hg.): Digitalisierung ethnologischer Sammlungen : Perspektiven aus Theorie und Praxis. Transcript, 2021.

AS/O/CHI 388
Zhang, Li: The Origins of COVID-19 : China and global capitalism. Stanford University Press, 2021.

EU/O 85
Blavascunas, Eunice: Foresters, Borders, and Bark Beetles : the Future of Europe's Last Primeval Forest. Indiana University Press, 2020.

H/IND 403
Kurfürst, Sandra: Dancing youth : Hip hop and gender in late socialist Vietnam. Transcript, 2021.

Z 50b, 60
Herms, Anne: Pashmina going global : dealig with cultural heritage and authenticity in the Kashmiri shawl business in Mamallapuram, India. Institut für Ethnologie Köln, 2021. (Kölner Ethnologische Beiträge ; 60)

KAT 430
Krause, Franz ; Nora Horisberger ; Benoit Ivars ; Sandro Simon: Delta Welten : Leben zwischen Land und Wasser. Reimer, 2022.

ETHN 630
Pountney, Laura and Tomislav Maric: Introducing Anthropology : What Makes Us Human? 2nd. ed.  Polity Press, 2021.

Z 50b, 59
Mund, Sarah Isabell: Community and visitor perspectives on tourism development in an indigenous territory on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Institut für Ethnologie Köln, 2021. (Kölner Ethnologische Beiträge ; 59)

E/BIOL 327
Sternsdorff-Cisterna, Nicolas: Food safety after Fukushima : scientific citizenship and the politics of risk. University of Hawai’i Press, 2020.

E/BIOL 326
Smyer Yü, Dan and de Maaker, Erik (eds.): Environmental humanities in the New Himalayas : Symbiotic indigeneity, commoning, sustainability. Routledge, 2021.

KAT 429
Schmid, Anna et al (hrsg.): tierisch! (Ein Thema - Vier Ausstellungen in Basel). Hatje Cantz, 2021.

ETHN 629
Loimeier, Roman: Ethnologie : Biographie einer Kulturwissenschaft. Reimer, 2021.

AV 75
Laurens Bakker, Masja Cohen en Walter Faaij: Anthropologists wanted : why organizations need anthropology. Amsterdam University Press, 2021.