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Offers for Schools

Pupils who are keen to learn more about social and cultural anthropology at the UoC can take part in different projects. There are also projects that involve students in school life.

School, Everyday Life, Anthropology ("Vernetzte Alltagswelten": Schule, Alltag, Ethnologie)

The professional internship at the Center for Teacher Education (ZfL) is aiming at the application of anthropological knowledge in school life and at the reflection of experiences. The focus lies on the preparation and reflection of internships in schools.

The anthropological perspective offers practices and methods of "intercultural education" in the internship. The interdisciplinary project is interesting for students throughout Germany. 

Within the B.A. und M.A. programs, this professional internship can be credited as "Ergänzungsmodul" (elective module).

Cologne Uni for Kids (KölnerKinderUni)

Once a year, the University of Cologne, in cooperation with other institutions (including the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the German Sport University), invites children between the ages of 8 and 12 to take part in the KölnerKinderUni programme. In the course of these events, children do not only learn about diverse fields of research but also acquire new insights about everyday life at university and academic work. The Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology has repeatedly joined the KölnerKinderUni by offering lectures and workshops.

SUM Project (School, University, Museum)

The interdisciplinary SUM-project is targeted at strengthening networks between schools, universities and museums and seeks to inform pupils and their teachers about current research in the humanities and cultural sciences on the basis of selected academic themes.

Pupils are acquainted with the problems and methodologies of diverse disciplines, and are given an idea of the fundamental competencies needed in scientific research.

Three university disciplines collaborate with one another in the context of SUM:

  • Cultural and Social Anthropology
  • Art History
  • History

Students interested in contributing to this project are welcome to take part. Certificates of achievement and CPs may be obtained.