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Akena, Dennis Gengomoi
The Role of Secondary School Sports in Gender and National Identity Formation in Uganda

Blasor, Erik
Conservation, Sustainable Development and Institutionally Contested Space: The Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park

Braukmann, Fabienne
Documentation of Bayso (Cushitic) and Haro (Omotic): two Afroasiatic endangered languages of the Abbaya Lake in the Ethiopian Rift Valley

Chan, Lai Pik
Foreign Teachers in China: Opportunities and Challenges

Diederich, Manon
Longing to Become - On Gendered Identities and Mobilities between Senegal, Gambia and China

Eghbal-Azar, Kira
Affordances, Appropriation and Experience at Museum Exhibitions: From (Eye) Movement Patterns to Exhibition Visit Scripts

Ellerich, Sebastian
Melanesian Mainstream: Stringband Music and Identity in Vanuatu

Fritzsche, Katarina
Schulen als Vermittlungs- und Arbeitsräume der Ethnologie in Deutschland und England: Entwicklung, Praxis, Grenzen

Gäbel, Cora
The Divine as a Resource: Commodification of Religious Values During Nabakalebara and Ratha Yatra (Puri, Odisha).

Goodwin, Charlie
The changing body of folk knowledge among !Xun and Hai||om hunter-gatherers in North-Central Namibia.

Gravesen, Marie
Negotiating Access to Land in a  Contested Environment: Actors, Policies, Visions and the Fragmentation of Land-Use in Western Laikipia

Guene, Enid
The End of Hunting: Transformation and Adaptation among Hunter-Gatherers in Kenya.

Heck, Moritz
Prozesse der Juridifizierung sozialer Beziehungen und politischer Mobilisierung in Bolivien

Simon Holdermann
Digitale Öffentlichkeiten und gesellschaftliche Transformation im Hohen Atlas, Marokko

Horsberger, Nora
Rhythm and relation in watery places: An Ethnography of the Parnaíba Delta, Brazil

Ivars, Benoit
Modes and effects of the infrastructuring of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) Delta in Myanmar

Kaji, Séverin
African Students in China: Migratory projects and everyday life experiences

Keilbart, Patrick
Media and Mediation between popular religion and modern martial arts in/ from Indonesia

Kuiper, Gerda
"The flowers are carrying us": Agroindustrial labour and informal workers’ settlements around Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

Lacan, Léa 
Forest conservation in Baringo, Kenya: socio-ecological relations and shifting bio-cultural frontiers

Lange, Christoph
Genealogien & Stammesgeschichten arabischer Pferde – Eine vergleichende Netzwerkanalyse des transkulturellen Milieus arabischer und westlicher Züchter, Händler & Pferde-Liebhaber

Lussem, Felix 
People out of place, places out of time: Der Nexus von regionalem Niedergang und Migration

Maevis, Carolin
Mobilität, Medien und Moral. Zur translokalen Vernetzung einer islamischen Erneuerungsbewegung – Paris und Bamako

Morkel, Nelli
Being Hui in Yunnan, China: Media practices, qingzhen, space and negotiating Sino-Muslim identities and authenticities

Müller-Kone, Marie
Autochthonie-Diskurse in Elfenbeinküste und Kenia

Mwaka, Innocent
The Regime of Food and Food Security in Tanzania: A Case of Ifakara

Olwage, Elsemie
Cartographies of the everyday: re-thinking the role of (im)mobilities in the co-production of public institutions in pastoralist societies, rural north-western Namibia

Pfeifer, Simone
Media, Gender, Generations: Translocal Networking and Media Spaces of Senegalese in Berlin and Dakar

Simon, Sandro
Living the Tana Delta: Rhythm and Practice Between Wet and Dry

Sowa, Katrin
Doing Border, Making Nation: Kategorisierungspraktiken und Infrastrukturen an den Grenzposten Kenias

Stolz, Rosalie
Kinship concepts and practices among the Khmu of northern Laos

Theißen, Tanja
Von Jagenden und Gejagten. Die Jagd als humanimalische Praxis in Deutschland

Treidl, Johanna
Wetlands – Widow's land? A Critical Investigation of Wetland Areas as Sustainable Resource for Food Security in Rwanda – What has gender got to do with it?

van Soest, Matian
Wetland Agriculture and the Political Ecology of Malaria: A Case Study of Namulonge, Uganda.

Vehrs, Hauke-Peter
Perceptions and cultural appropriations of landscape-level (biological)invasions. Environmental change and social transformation in East Pokot, Kenya

Vobis, Gertrud 
Sozio-ökonomische Strategien in Zentraljava, Indonesien

Wagner, Nicole
Charismatic religious leaders as navigators in socio-ecological crisis in the Lake Naivasha Region, Kenya

Wesch, Ulrike
Transnationale Friedensarbeit: Die Bedeutung der Friedensinitiativen der Acholi-Diaspora Großbritanniens für die Prozesse des peacebuilding in Nord-Uganda

Whande, Tanyaradzwa
Wildlife-livestock-human interface in the Kavango- Zambezi Transfrontier conservation area: Perceptions on the threat of foot and mouth disease upon livestock in communal areas.

Zafer, Karim
Unaccompanied Minor and Youth Refugees Making a Family

Zhou, Yang
Migration Birds Fly South: African Migrants in Guangzhou

Zhu, Qian
Sand as a Disputed Resource: A Case of Illegal Sand Mining in Southwest China.

Zíková, Monika
Burakumin – Geschichte und gegenwärige Situation einer marginalisierten Minderheit in Japan