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Dr. Jonathan DeVore

Short Biography

Jonathan DeVore received his PhD in sociocultural anthropology from the University of Michigan in 2014. Before joining the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Univeristy of Cologne, he held postdoctoral research and teaching positions at Yale University, the University of Bonn, the University of Cologne, and Miami University of Ohio, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Since 2002, Jonathan has been collaborating in long-term research with families living in rural squatter and land reform communities on the southern coast of Bahia, Brazil. Based on this work, he has published on themes ranging from land grabs, social movements, and racialization to multispecies ethnography, ontology, and conservation politics.

Jonathan’s current book project, entitled "Emancipation Work: Reconstruction and Renewal in the Aftermath of Brazilian Slavery", is under contract with the University of Washington Press. The book traces the multigenerational struggles by which freed slaves, their descendants, and other members of the rural poor have sought to realize the promise of freedom in Brazil’s post-emancipation period.