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Short Film "Trans-Hate on your phone"

The film "Trans-Hate on your phone" is designed to be watched on a mobile phone. It catapults the viewer into the everyday life of a transperson, continuously experiencing discriminations, verbal attacks and fear. With the technique of apparent co-opting of the viewer’s device, e.g. by receiving text messages as if they were coming from their own contacts, it seeks to instil the emotional experience of trans* people in their daily interactions, contemplations and copings. It is an attempt to help viewers sense and understand the fear of those who feel trapped in their own bodies and in outdated gender constructs.

Trans-Hate on your phone uses an innovative yet accessible way to engage the viewer. The on-screen mobile phone format makes for both, an easy access and distribution of the learning material. At the same time, it supplements the informative knowledge transfer with an emotional component, employing a sensory approach to bring close some of the challenges trans* people face.

The film’s storyline, editing and narrative arc have been developed in collaboration with affected subjects and are based on their testimonies.