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Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology


In view of the current dynamic development of the infection situation, the UoC will regularly review the existing restrictions and appropriate adjustments and measures will be communicated via the central website


We would like to ask you to check it regularly, preferably daily.


More information:

Fakulty of Arts: Information in regard to corona virus (in German)

Service restrictions of USB due to the corona virus

Information of the examination office PhilF on "Examination procedures and Corona" in German only.

Dear Students of Social and Cultural Anthropology,

Since the beginning of winter semester 2021/22, after three digital semesters, face-to-face teaching and learning is possible again at the University of Cologne.  Our gathered experience allows us to conclude that in-person teaching at our university is safe, if all applicable hygiene and infection protection measures are observed  (for updated information, please regularly visit the website provided by the Rectorate and the crisis management team of UoC: https://portal.uni-koeln.de/en/coronavirus/information-for-students-and-faculty).

 We strongly recommend: Protect yourself and others - get vaccinated immediately!

However, due to a low level of face-to-face participation and difficulties with the technical realisation of hybrid teaching formats, many of our planned face-to-face courses have unfortunately switched back to digital modes. We had expected this to work out quite a bit better. Some of our instructors are once again scheduling face-to-face sessions for the end of the semester. Please take note of the announcements made by the intsructors in their courses.

Please note:

Face-to-face teaching under the measures that have been in place since the beginning of the semester would also be possible in the current pandemic situation - as long as there is an adequate level of face-to-face participation:

  • Hygiene and infection protection measures will, in all likelihood, still be in force in autumn and apply to every form of on-site operation. According to current requirements, the following rules apply to hygiene and infection protection measures:

  • There is a compulsory test for participation in a face-to-face course: All participants must present a negative corona test that is less than 48 hours old or a proof of a complete immunization status (vaccinated, recovered). However, if the incidence level 1 applies in the city of Cologne and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the test is no longer required.

  • For all face-to-face events, traceability must be ensured.

  • At all face-to-face events, gatherings of people are to be avoided. In case of doubt, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be observed in all university rooms and may only be undercut in acute cases.

  • All participants in a face-to-face event must wear medical mouth and nose protection at incidence levels 0 to 2. This is regulated by the hygiene and protection guidelines of the University of Cologne (Download).

We strongly recommend: Protect yourself and others - get vaccinated immediately!

In addition, please note:

If, due to the sequence of in-person and digital courses, you are in need of lounges and workstations to bridge gaps in the schedule or to participate in digital events that take place immediately before or after face-to-face courses,you can find an overview of the available rooms on the Corona information page:



Please note the following procedure for lending and returns:

in order to have as little encounter traffic as possible, everyone must (only from Monday to Thursday)  book an appointment here

in case of loans the library needs additional information - at the latest 1 hour before the appointment, if possible already the day before - via email (ethno-bibliothek@uni-koeln.de):

1. the USB user number
2. Title, author and signature of the book(s)

At the booked date, the books already compiled and booked to your USB account can be collected and / or already borrowed media can be returned.

It is still not possible to use the library on site.
Remember to wear a mask in all buildings of the university!


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