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M.A. Programme Structure

You can study the Master's programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology as a one-subject or a two subject Master's programme.

In the two-subject Master's programme, you choose another subject in addition to Social and Cultural Anthropology (be careful, this subject will probably be in German!). The programme's modules to be completed also depend on whether the Master's thesis is written in Social and Cultural Anthropology or in the second subject.

The revised Master's programme Social and Cultural Anthropology starts in the winter semester 2021/22. The subject-specific regulations of the new degree programme are already available in their legally binding version in German. The module guides(in German and English) are only available as draft versions at the moment (downloads see below)

Study Programme and Module Structure - an Overview




Within the framework of the One-Subject Master's programme, you complete all three advanced modules and two focus modules of your choice as well as at least two supplementary modules from EM 1-8.

You are required to study one of the supplementary modules (Ergänzungsmodule) EM 1 to EM 3. In addition, you are required to complete 12 CPs (credit points) in the other supplementary modules EM4 to EM8.

In the single Master's programme, you can acquire additional qualifications in the following subjects:

  • Islamic Studies
  • African Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Chinese Studies

Within the framework of this study profile, you must complete the two advanced modules AM1 and AM2 as well as one focus module and one supplementary module (1 to 3) each. You write the Master's thesis in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

In this study profile, you must complete the advanced modules AM1 and AM3 as well as a specialisation module of your choice. You write the Master's thesis in your other subject.

Downloads for MA S&C Anthropology